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Feline Friday and Lions on the rocks

Its all about the big cats

The Big 5's: the Elephant, lion, buffalo, black rhino and leopard. Most everyone comes to Tanzania in hopes to see them upclose but you need a bit of luck to see the 2 last ones. Wilfred told us he goes 1-2 weeks without seeing a leopard or a black rhino. We most have won the safari lottery because after seeing not 1 but 3 black rhinos the day before, we saw a leopard on our way to our next destination. Leopardo Decaprio (yes, we started naming them during our down time) crossed the road in front of us and hid in the bush right next to our jeep right before starting a staring contest. See him?
After a low growl he disappeared in the woods and crossed back the road further behind us. Big 5 list all checked off in about 24 hours!! Whoooo!
After 2 hours of African massage aka sitting in our jeep driving on super bumpy dirt roads, we made it to the southern Serengeti where we learned that today was Feline Friday. While we did see 18 lions the day before, our luck was created by Wilfred and his eagle eye ability to spot lions from across a football field. If it wasn't for binoculars and camera zoom, those lions would have been big dots on the grass for us. But Feline Friday was different. This is the day that all kinds of big cats were close enough to take one pounce to lick (or chew) our faces off.
(Here's a sleepy cheetah)
Our home for the next 3 days was Kati Kati camp. Huge tents with a bed, a shower and a toilet in the middle of Ndutu overlooking a lake with wildlife all the way around. There's no running water so when you want to take a (quick) shower, one of the guys come over with warm water, poors it in a big buket, hoists it up in the air and gravity takes over through the shower head.
The super akward part is that the guy stays behind the tent in case you need another bucket full. Truth is, it's part of the experience and even if it's a challenge to wash hair and body with about 1 minute of water, I wouldn't change this for running water. Before dinner, we sat and watched a bit of what they call bush tv or what Canadians would refer as sitting in front of a campfire looking over the Serengeti. For dinner half a dozen guys go around each tables with different dishes and pile it onto your plate. Everything we had was pretty tasty. All the employees are super nice and very helpful!! We love Kati Kati camp.
Saturday's special was Lions on the rocks. You'd think that we're all lioned out by now.. But no. They are such gorgeous, fascinating yet very dangerous creatures. Don't be fooled by their sweet kitty cat look, they are known to kill not only for food but for the fun of killing. The highlight of our day was a pride of 14 lions hanging on and around big rocks.
And then we were blessed enough to see a lioness welcoming back a lion from the pride that had been gone for a while. Here's the little video we took .
We also had the chance to experience our first day of the great migration but we will talk about this tomorrow since I cannot stand being one more minutes on my ipad while in the middle of this incredible place!! Laters!

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Wow pretty awesome pictures and the video is cool, you can kinda see a smile on their faces unlike in the pics, happy lions.
Where do you plug in your hairdryer after the shower,,,,,,oops thats my kinda ammenities,, seriously looks and sounds phenominal.

by Deb

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